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Geared for success

Premier Technology. Unmatched Staff. Impeccable Quality.

Our drive to exceed industry standards using highly skilled people and technology is what sets up apart.

Nix Manufacturing leverages the latest advanced machining practices and technology in order to support some of the worlds largest and demanding companies.  Our long business history (over 50 years), and uncompromising core values of quality, competitive pricing, unparalleled customer service, and an insatiable appetite for continual improvement have made Nix the regional leader in our industry.



5-axis machining has opened the doors for our business in multiple ways. Now, we are able to produce higher quality parts in less time while reducing cost and delivery time to our customers. We chose to invest in the best technology in this field, and Matsuura is our machine of choice. Ultra reliable, incredibly accurate, and highly efficient, these machines provide us with the tools we need to support our incredibly diverse customer base.



The newest addition to our impressive equipment line, the incredible Matsuura 35V, is the pinnacle of 5 axis technology.  This machine significantly reduces our production time and costs, while minimizing the need for manual labor. This addition is allowing us to operate 24 hours a day, making us more efficient than ever.

AS 9100D & 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

Our customers are our number one priority. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, which is why we have developed an entire department geared towards customer satisfaction and quality assurance. We recognize that while production is extremely important, ensuring the safety, quality, and precision of your parts is crucial to successful manufacturing. 

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