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After serving in the United States Army, founder Richard Nix established a small machining company in southern California in hopes of being able to continue serving the Department of Defense and aerospace industries by manufacturing the highest quality machined parts. His plan was successful, and the business grew rapidly. Seeing this growth and potential, in 1977 Richard decided to move the business to a different location, and found home in rural southwestern Oregon.  Although operating a business in a new state would be difficult, he knew that Oregon fit the lifestyle he dreamt for his family, and found the move worth it.

Our company was originally focused on defense manufacturing, but in the early 2000's when Richard's oldest son, Brian Nix, moved into the position of President, he took the business in multiple different directions and created significant growth to the company by serving customers in a wider variety of industries. 

We started as a small manufacturer serving limited industries, to now working with some of the world's largest global companies, all while continually investing in new technology. Our company has certainly evolved over the last 50 years, but our core values have remained the same: producing complex precision machined parts so our customers can focus on running their business, while taking the worry out of where and how they are going to source their critical precision metal parts.

Richard Nix, 1987

Brian Nix, 2014

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