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We Care About Our Community.

Nix Manufacturing has been recognized throughout the area as a leader in community support with donations to local schools, sport teams, and civic organizations. We are passionate about serving our neighbors, and consistently seek new and exciting ways to give back. 

Nix Manufacturing is also dedicated to environmental safety and integrity, which is why we have implemented multiple green initiative to take care of our environment.  Machining can be extremely clean, or very dirty.  We chose clean.  We have taken several steps to ensure that industry expectations are met for recycling, energy usage, and overall sustainability. Some of the steps include:

  • Installation of roof panels that allow sunlight to aid in facility lighting.

  • Staggered deployment of motion activated lighting in low traffic areas.

  • An emphasis on overall equipment and facility energy use and efficiency.

  • Recycling or repurposing all scrap metals from the manufacturing process.

  • Capture and recycling of all liquids used in the manufacturing process.

  • Agricultural uses for the exterior property — currently planted in hay that is harvested yearly.

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